Abstract and Symposium Submission

Important Dates

RESEARCH ABSTRACTS CLOSE – Now extended until Midnight 9th August 2019 - NOW CLOSED
Research Abstracts (300 word individual contributed abstract submissions). Authors should indicate preference for oral or poster communication, authors will be allocated their presentation mode of choice where programming permits.

Symposium Submissions (100 word outline includes 3 learning objectives, titles of 3 presentations and a 300 word abstract for each). The Scientific Committee will select six (6) Symposia from amongst those submitted. Presentations in non-selected symposia may
be given as oral or poster communications.

Submission Themes

The abstracts will be published in a special issue of the Australasian Journal on Ageing. Abstracts can be submitted as either Clinical/Translational Research or Biomedical Sciences. 

Your abstract must be in the format of:

* Please note that figures and tables are not to be included.
* Abstract word count is strictly 300 words across all sections (excluding Abstract Title). Abstracts over this count will not be accepted.

Biomedical Sciences

  • Stem cells

  • Fat, muscle, and bone interactions

  • Mechanisms of sarcopenia, frailty and osteosarcopenia

  • Myokines and adipokines

  • Hormones, muscle and bone

  • Vitamin D and its target organs

  • Protein turnover in muscle and bone

  • Glucose metabolism in muscle and bone

  • Animal models of sarcopenia and frailty

Translational Research

  • Biomarkers for sarcopenia and frailty

  • Experimental treatments for sarcopenia, osteosarcopenia and frailty (what is in the pipeline?)

  • New imaging methods for sarcopenia and osteosarcopenia

Clinical Research

  • Clinical criteria for sarcopenia and frailty

  • Clinical outcomes in sarcopenia and frailty

  • Use and imaging to diagnose sarcopenia and osteosarcopenia

  • Current therapeutic interventions for sarcopenia, osteosarcopenia and frailty

  • How to design clinical trials in sarcopenia and frailty?

  • The role of nutrition in the treatment sarcopenia and frailty

  • Exercise programs

  • Falls and fractures prevention

  • Falls and Fractures Clinics


Awards will be given during the conference for the following:

  • Highest ranked abstract – Clinical/Translational Research

  • Highest ranked abstract – Biomedical Sciences

  • Best poster – Clinical/Translational Research

  • Best poster – Biomedical Sciences

The highest ranked abstracts receive $1,000, which must be spent to attend The International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICSFR).

 Each best poster receives $500 - the presenting author must be registered for the Meeting.

Travel Grants

Up to five (5) members in-training travel grants of $1,000 will be offered to the authors of the highest ranked abstracts at the Conference. The travel grant is to be used for travel, accommodation and registration for the ANZSSFR 2019 Meeting. Please apply for the travel grant when you submit your research abstract.  Travel grants are only available for in-training members based outside of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Withdraw an abstract

If you want to withdraw an abstract, please contact the Conference Secretariat in writing via email to reg@themeetingpeople.com.au. Please note that withdrawals need to be communicated in writing by the author who originally submitted the abstract, and in doing so, the Conference Secretariat assumes that all other authors/presenters have been informed of the withdrawal.

Important: Once an abstract is withdrawn, it may not be reinstated.


For further information, please contact the ANZSSFR Meeting Secretariat at reg@themeetingpeople.com.au or +61 8 8177 2215.